best gyms in essex

4 Best Gyms in Essex: According To Locals

March 25, 2022
best gyms in essex

Whether you’re a roofer (like us!), retail assistant, or office worker- the gym should be part of everybody’s life.

Especially considering that ¾ people between 45-74 are obese in the Uk! [1]

All the more reason to hit the gym and lead a healthier lifestyle.

The problem? It’s hard to choose a good gym, especially with so many throughout Essex.

That’s why I put together this article that talks about the best gyms in Essex. I’ve researched each and every gym on this list, making sure they live up to the hype.

Let’s get into it…

Here Are The 4 Best Gyms In Essex In 2022

Below is a list of the 4 best gyms in Essex. Please keep in mind that this article is in no particular order. Each and every gym has its own unique selling point.

Some are better suited towards powerlifters, CrossFitters, Bodybuilders & more.

1. Unified Strength Gym

Unified strength Gym logo

Owner: Charlotte

Specialty: Powerlifting

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Location: Chelmsford

If you’re an aspiring powerlifter, Unified Strength Gym is the place to be. 

Located in Chelmsford, you won’t find a better place to get your strength up. Not only does Unified Strength Gym have state-of-the-art equipment, but also experienced and friendly staff.

Here’s what people have to say…

I don’t want to make this about myself as this is about the gym I’ve been at unified strength for 5months now, and can honestly say I have never experienced a gym like this before, the staff are amazing with so much knowledge and understanding about all aspects of training.

Lisa Dunmore

Easily the best gym that I have ever been to. There is not a single piece of equipment I wished the gym had, as they have it all. Everything from comp benches, plates, bars and every machine you can think of. Unified Strength is more of a showroom than a gym with the amount of equipment they have!

Dylan Murphy

Charlotte (the owner)  has competed in the WDFPF World Championships and won, making her a world champion at 70kg.

They do say it’s important to learn from the best, right!?

In addition, Unified Strength Gym also offers sports massages. It’s not uncommon to pick up small injuries throughout your Powerlifting career, so it’s nice to have Charlotte there to help you back to optimal health.

In fact, you can even get a massage thrown in with your monthly membership. Unified Strength Gym has multiple membership options that include everything from pre-written programs to nutrition plans.

Still unsure?

You can purchase a day pass for only £6 to check it out!

2. CrossFit Muscle Yard

cross fit muscle yard logo

Owner: Rob

Specialty: CrossFit

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Location: Rayleigh

Next up is CrossFit Muscle Yard. 

If you want to break a sweat, CrossFit Muscle Yard won’t let you down. As you may have guessed, it’s not your traditional bodybuilding gym.

CrossFit Muscle Yard focuses more on functional strength through the use of CrossFit.

The type of strength that carries over to daily life. 

And it works! Here’s what current members have to say…

I started my CrossFit journey 4 weeks ago. I choose CrossFit muscleyard after seeing posts on social media. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The gym itself is great but it’s the people and the coaching that makes this place so good.

Adam Francis

CrossFit Muscle Yard is by far the friendliest and most encouraging place I ever trained. Everyone works to lift each other up, to hit those personal bests. The coaches are engaging, encouraging and break every aspect of the skill or exercise down so it’s achievable for all!

Louise Douglass

CrossFit Muscle Yard is owned by Rob, who like most people, was out of shape and ate mostly junk food as a kid. It wasn’t until he discovered exercising in a group was fun and CrossFit was the best way to get all-round fitness and strength.

Here’s what Rob has to say…

“My goal was to build somewhere people could find a passion for fitness, where you would get taught how to train properly, every workout was challenging, the music would be pumping and you’d get pushed out your comfort zone. You’ll become part of a fitness community who will push and inspire you to do more”.

3. Absalute Gym

absalute gym logo

Owner/Manager: Steve

Specialty: Bodybuilding

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Location: Brentwood

Want to take a trip back to the old school days of bodybuilding?

Then Absalute Gym is where it’s at.

With Absalute Gym, you’re trading the comfort of a fitness center for something more primal. 

Muscle, sweat, and a whole lotta hard work are what you find here!

In the Summer months, part of the gym is open, so you can train with the sun beaming in. Best way to do it, in my opinion.

Check out some of the reviews…

Joined up two weeks ago and being a novice, I was very apprehensive. I got speaking to one of the receptionists (an elderly lady called Alice) who made me feel at ease and arranged me to have a free induction. Since then, I havent turned back and I love this place. There is so much equipment on offer, the gym in very clean and the people there (staff and fellow members) are all friendly and helpful. My confidence has grown so much already – thanks absolute gym

Faye Travis

Here’s another thing I love about Absalute Gym…

You don’t have to spend half your gym session trying to park. Outside is a large car park that can be used by members.

Gives you time to grab one of their mouther-watering protein shakes on the way in.

4. Stack House Gym Rayleigh

Stack house gym logo

Specialty: Bodybuilding/General

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Location: Rayleigh

Stack House Gym is large, and has everything you need to build the perfect body.

While it’s mainly geared towards people looking to build muscle, you can also find running machines, treadmills, and a calisthenics section.

Oh, and there’s a punchbag to relieve stress after a stressful day at work.

Doesn’t get any better than that, right!?

After pushing through a muscle aching workout at Stack House Gym, you can make your way to the seating area for some well-deserved nutrition.

Protein bars, chicken and rice, protein shakes – they have it all!

In addition, there are countless pre-workouts and protein supplements to choose from. Forget about ordering online – Stack House Gym has everything you need.

Check out some popular reviews below:

I would say the best gym in Essex – great equipment, very clean and tidy. The staff & owners make you feel so welcome (like family) I would highly recommend this gym to anyone even those that don’t have the confidence or are beginners in the gym. These guys/girls will make you feel at home!

Mike Miles

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