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Best Dog Groomers In Essex In 2022

March 13, 2022

This article talks about the best dog groomers in Essex.

With the Summer months quickly approaching, now is the time to consider dog grooming.

Talking from personal experience (I had a German Shepard!), I’ve noticed dogs get uncomfortable during the hotter months.

They are more anxious and lack energy.

After speaking to various groomers, I discovered this happens because of the long coats of hair.

Imagine being covered in a thick coat of fur in the scorching heat. 

Yeah….no thanks.

That’s why it’s important to get your dog groomed regularly. Not to mention the countless other benefits.

However, Essex is a large place, making it difficult to choose the right groomer.

That’s why I created this article discussing the best dog groomers in Essex. I’ve vetted each company based on customer feedback, personal experience, and reputation.

The 4 Best Dog Groomers In Essex

1. Home From Home Grooming

Location: Wickford

Groomer: Pat

Website: Home From Home Grooming

If you’re based in Wickford and have a dog that needs grooming, you can’t go wrong with Home From Home Grooming.

Here are some reviews…

Home From Home Grooming Reviews
Home From Home Grooming Reviews 2

Owned by Pat, Home From Home Grooming offers the full works. Your dog can pop in for a trim-up and leave with trimmed nails, cleaned ears, and more.

But here’s what I love about Home From Home Grooming.

With some groomers, it’s all about the service. 

However, Pat takes the time to check over your dog, making sure it doesn’t have any visible health problems.

And that’s not all…

If you have 2 doggo’s that need a haircut, you can get a discount on the second one!

Plus, size doesn’t matter. Some groomers only deal with smaller dogs.

However Home From Home Grooming deals with dogs of all sizes.

2. Poooched Dog Grooming

Location: Basildon

Groomer: Laura

Website: Poooched Dog Grooming

For those living in Basildon, Poooched Grooming is the ideal place for your furry friend.

Unlike some groomers, they offer a pickup and drop-off service. This is excellent for people with busy schedules and those without cars.

To arrange this service, you will need to speak to Laura, the owner.

You’ll also be glad to hear that Poooched doesn’t use drying cages. This is great news for people with anxious dogs scared of loud noises.

Hence the reason why anxious dogs love Poooched Grooming!

I mean – just check out the reviews…

So don’t wait…

Get your pooch down there for a haircut!

3. Style Paws

Location: Chelmsford

Groomer: Chloe

Website: Style Paws

Chelmsford is a big city with many dog grooming companies.

However, after narrowing down my search, I found Style Paws to be an excellent choice.

See for yourself:

Style Paws Reviews

It’s managed by Chloe, who has owned the salon since 2014. Before that, she actually worked at Style Paws as a manager.

So you can be confident she knows her stuff!

All other staff (Maxine & Lou) are fully qualified and have their own dogs. 

Style Paws cater to all dogs, both small and larger breeds. You can find their full price list by clicking here.

And the best thing? Nail trimming and ear cleaning are also included with your dog’s grooming session.

The team at Style Paws are also big believers that you should start the grooming process from a young age. And based on my own personal experience – I completely agree!

That’s why they offer an introductory puppy grooming service for only £25.

This offer applies to dogs up to 6 months of age.

In addition, they also offer teeth cleaning and can empty your dog’s anal glands. 

4. Doggy Lodge Day Care

Location: Braintree

Groomer: Chloe

Website: Doggy Lodge Day Care

If you’re looking for a dog’s paradise, you’ve found it.

Located in Braintree, Doddy Lodge Day Care is more like a hotel for dogs. They primarily offer daycare and home boarding.

However, you can also have your dog groomed there.

All dog grooming services are carried out by Chloe. She is fully qualified and has worked in numerous salons in the Braintree area.

With years of experience, you can be confident your dog is in good hands.

Let’s see some of the reviews…

the doggy lodge reviews

Another great thing about the Doggy Lodge is you can book appointments online. 

This saves you time.

And who likes picking up the phone nowadays!? I sure don’t!

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